Aug 13

Added: More Search Features

In addition to the existing variety of search options we have also added the ability to search by physical filename, document sequence name and document sequence number.

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Aug 13

New: Added Electronic Signatures

We have just added the ability to save your electronic signature to your profile and this use it as necessary within your webmails.

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May 22

New: Create A Task From A Document

This new feature allows you to create a new task from an existing document. While viewing any document you click on the create task icon and you will be taken to the new task screen with your chosen document already attached to it. Just fill in the remaining necessary fields and your task is complete.

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May 19

Five Main Problems That Document Management Solves

Document Management is an area that is largely ignored in many businesses.  Unfortunately, ignoring this area of your business exposes you to a wide variety of problems that are very easy to resolve.  A good Document Management system can take a very mundane task, and transform it into a fun and useful tool for your business.  Over the years we have have compiled a list of some of the biggest issues that businesses struggle with due to a non-existant, or poorly designed, Document Management system.

  1. Unorganized Filing System: This is the easiest area to benefit from a computerized Document Management system.  You should be able create folders to categorize your documents.  You need to be able to assign keywords to documents as well as a good title and description of the content of the document.  These things make locating a specific document easy for people.
  2. Security: The easiest way to handle security is with member groups.  An example would be your accounting department.  You would assign all your accountants and financial staff to a member group called Accounting.  Then, all the folders having financial documents would also be assigned to the Accounting group.  Now, all the financial data will have security assigned to them such that only the designated Accounting users have access to these respective folders.  This is a very basic implementation, which should also be able to be augmented with Read Only, Read & Add and Full access levels.
  3. Version Control: A good Document Management system should also include a version control system that keeps track of who made what changes, and when.  The version control system needs to allow the document owner, or system administrator, to roll back to prior versions should a disaster (user accidentally overwrites another user’s work) occur.
  4. Review / Approve / Workflow: You should have at minimum some form of Review/Approve cycle, even if it is basic.  At best, a full workflow system affords you the flexibility to develop mutiple workflow processes where the users / department heads needed to review or approve a document can be preset.  These workflows need to determine the order of the users, the need to review or approve, and a full follow-up process to alert the next user that it is their turn to review or approve a document and a link to get their easily.
  5. Photo / Video Gallery: A nice additional feature is being able to create special folders for use as  photo and/or video galleries.  This would include next and previous buttons, of course.

There are many, many, more features to match up the needs of the business and the software.  If you have unique issues of your own, please feel free to comment, and we’ll respond as best we can.

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May 05

New Report: Sort Tasks By User Or Project

You can now report you tasks and projects by:

  1. Project > Priority > Task
  2. User > Project > Priority > Task

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Apr 02

New Interface For Document Management

We have added a new user interface to the Document Management module.  It now utilizes an expanding tree view to see all of your folders and documents.

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Mar 20

Document Management Module

The Document Management module stores all of your company’s documents and files in a safe, off site repository. This module allows you to organize your files the way you want them. The security system ensures that your files are only available to the people you want them to be available for. Version control keeps your files safe from accidental over write. See more reasons why delaPORTAL helps your group collaborate better!

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Mar 10

No Hardware, No Software, No IT Staff

delaPORTAL works for you across the Internet. There’s no hardware to buy and no software to download, and you don’t need to be, or have, an IT expert – we manage all that for you. It’s safe, secure, and always available, on-demand. So whether your business is large or small – or even just you, delaPORTAL works for everyone.

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Mar 09

Keep Everyone Connected

Keep your entire organization connected to your business whether you’re in the office or on the road. Even your most remote associates can stay connected and up to date, just like you’re all in the same office. Easily organize and manage your schedules, documents, presentations – and your business – all right from your desktop.

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Feb 05

Real Time Group Collaboration, Any Time

delaPORTAL makes working together easier than ever. Share calendars, documents, schedules and other data using real-time on-demand web technology. Because delaPORTAL web-enables your business, you’re able to react quickly, be more nimble, and get ahead of your competitors – from anywhere in the world and at any time.

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Feb 01

Your Office Is Open & Available 24/7

Today’s office isn’t always at one location and doesn’t always work from 9 to 5 – especially if you’re a small business. Whenever you need to work, you still need to get to your information. Your delaPORTAL web-office is always open and ready to serve you, no matter what time zone you are in, and no matter what hour of the day or night.

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Jan 11

Check Out Our Competitive Pricing Program

We offer more features per dollar than any other system. Try out our 30 day free trial. All of the features are fully enabled. See for your self why delaPORTAL is the best system for your company. And any work you do, any documents you save, or tasks you define, or presentations you set up, will all be ready for you when your convert from your trial period to a full fledged customer.

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Jan 07

Our New Group Collaboration PDF Data Sheet (Brochure)

Please view our new Adobe PDF data sheet. This is a great double sided brochure that will provide you with an overview of our group collaboration features. This document is one of delaPORTAL’s best received marketing pieces.

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Jan 05

What is delaPORTAL group collaboration, and why do you need it?

In short, “dela” is a word meaning business. delaPORTAL is a multi-user web-based portal that allows business associates from anywhere in the world to collaborate with one another, utilizing the full protection of a security system that has member group levels designated by your company’s portal administrator. They can share documents and files with full version control, freeing up your company’s time and expense to transport documents. Users can read announcements, and meet in the forums, instant message one another, even if the recipient is not online (they will receive the message upon their next login). For companies concerned with the dangers of “open” email, delaPORTAL also has a corporate based email system. There is an events calendar that even has the ability for people to register for specific events. You can have Polls (surveys) with an almost limitless set of question and answer options. delaPORTAL has a mailing list system with call lists for organizations needing mass market mailings by category. For training and new product releases, there is a presentations module that lets you have moderated, or non-moderated, slide shows for any sized group of users worldwide. Each slide can also include it’s own streaming audio if you would like to have a narrated slide show. Your members can also personalize delaPORTAL to include private contacts, personal bookmarks, etc. delaPORTAL can also be tailored to your companies color schemes and logos.

So, who needs delaPORTAL group collaboration? If your company has more than one location, YOU DO! Your company and your associates deserve the BEST in portal collaboration.

From this page you can see a data sheet (brochure), view screen shots, get pricing information, or sign up for a free trial.

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